Trend Consult

Trend Consult is a distinguished Romanian company with a dual mission: to empower individuals to live fulfilling lives marked by positive impact, and to support organizations that prioritize both performance, the growth and well-being of their people.


English Romenian

Decades of experience

Boasting over two decades in the field, we've transformed numerous lives and organizations through bespoke learning programs crafted to meet unique needs:

  • Our Management, Leadership, and Organizational Culture Programs adopt a holistic stance, nurturing individuals and systems alike, priming them for sustained performance in a supportive environment.
  • Our Sales and Customer Experience Programs are engineered for immediate and concrete outcomes.
  • Our Personal Growth Programs guide individuals in unlocking their potential, enhancing emotional intelligence and resilience, and fostering rewarding relationships in both personal and professional lives.


At Trend, our philosophy is simple: contented, well-rounded individuals in nurturing environments drive innovation and business success. It's this belief that fuels our dedication to cultivating high-impact management and leadership teams to elevate your business.


Our seasoned consultants, equipped with tangible business and developmental expertise, offer training, coaching, and advisory sessions in both Romanian and English. We cater to a diverse professional audience, facilitating workshops for solo participants or vast gatherings of several hundred.

Training name Start date Number of sessions Start time Time zone Location Target audience
Fearless Organization Scan Certification Mar 08 2024 4 09:30 EET Online Mixed Inquire
Fearless Organization Scan Certification May 10 2024 4 09:30 EET Online Mixed Inquire
Fearless Organization Scan Certification Sep 13 2024 4 09:30 EET Bucharest Mixed Inquire
Fearless Organization Scan Certification Nov 01 2024 4 09:30 EET Online Mixed Inquire