The research of Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson focuses on the impact of psychological safety on team and organizational performance. Psychological safety is the secret ingredient that empowers teams to excel. When team members feel safe to express themselves, take calculated risks, and share their ideas openly, productivity soars, and innovation thrives.

Anonymous Team Survey

Get started by measuring the level of psychological safety of a team with a one-time Fearless Organization Scan team survey. You receive an anonymous Psychological Safety Index (PSI) report that shows how the team stacks up against the global benchmark data.

Every report shows an overall score of the perceived psychological safety in a team as well as the scores on each of the four domains.

The four domains of psychological safety that contribute to a safe environment in a team:

  • Willingness to help
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Attitude to Risk & Failure
  • Open conversation

Change the attitude to risk & failure

Focus on inclusion & diversity

Increase the willingness to help

Support open conversation