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We have a network of partners who can help you implement the Fearless Organization Scan in your organization.

If you are a coach or organization and want to use Psychological Safety and the concepts around it to improve personal wellbeing and team effectiveness, contact us at or contact the partner for your region.

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Logo Skillsgarden

Based in Switzerland, Skillsgarden supports people and organizations worldwide in acquiring and applying all necessary skills to develop a culture of psychological safety. We...



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Thought Design Logo Squared
Thought Design

We spark personal and cultural transformations to drive meaningful and measurable change that creates dynamic, safe environments where high-performing teams can focus on their...

Rockford, MI


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Add Insight

Based in Sweden, working internationally, Add Insight offers organizational development to leaders, teams, and systems. Add Insight’s core is to support every organization, te...


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People Talking Logo
People Talking

PeopleTalking's vision is to help people, teams and organizations transform themselves through human connection. PeopleTalking is a founding Fearless Organisation partner with...



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Logo Skapr
SKAPr Consulting

Based in Scandinavia, working globally. We love to make a difference, helping teams and organizations build high-performance learning organizations on a foundation of psycholo...


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Logo Original
Trend Consult

Trend is a Romanian consulting company with a mission to empower individuals to live fulfilling lives, and to support organizations that prioritize both the growth and well-be...


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Workplace Asia Logo V3
Workplace Asia

Based in Singapore, Workplace Asia is a HR consulting firm that promotes and supports the usage of carefully curated, world-class assessments tools for individuals and organis...



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Caerus Change Logo 01 177Wpng
Caerus Change

Everything we do is focused on the creation of healthy organizational systems. Through a proactive blend of research and experience, we foster interpersonal and intrapersonal...

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DevOrg Institut


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Primate Logo

Primate is the business consulting company created to help go beyond what limits the evolution of organizations and, with them, of the people and communities that make them li...



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Seminarer.Dk Logo Blaa Orange 2019

Based in Denmark,, offers training according to the philosophy: We bring people together to share and discuss knowledge, tools and implementation.

Odense Denmark


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Sinergija Logo Engleski
Synergy Center

Synergy Center in Belgrad tailors coaching programs to its clients in the area of personal and professional development. Our mission is enhancement of personal achievement, le...



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Aristotle Performance

Based in the US, Aristotle Performance is a full-service training, coaching and consulting firm specializing in developing leaders, teams and facilitators to help build high-p...

Los Angeles


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Fearless Organization Partner

HOLONIX Color Logo
Holonix Leadership

Holonix practitioners excel at helping human systems thrive. We see all systems as holographic, with the whole embedded in each part. With this foundation for our work, we ens...



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